by Othello

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Second release from Melodic Hardcore band Othello.


released July 1, 2016

Stephan Wallace
Jerry Edwards
Dakota Taylor
Joe Suggs



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Othello Fort Smith, Arkansas

With words, and music full of passion, the ability to reach someone is there. Mix that with hearts full of hope, love, and compassion, and the ability to change the world is inevitable. We are all on this planet together and must work together to make it the way we want, and need it to be.

Mt. Baker Vapor
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Track Name: Dream Builder
When the world comes down in you
And you must to fight back
with all your strength
You can't let them win

(You can't let them win, you can let them win)

Dont let this be the death of you
Or the will that you have
Live your life and thrive

Letting someone build their dreams
On your shoulders (brode)
It's not an option
Build your dreams
Build them with stone
Be What they hate to see

(Be what they hate to see

in the life you lead )

Chisling away at what your meant to be
Your heart will stand the test of time
Of ill character with endless hate
in their heart
They'll try to bury you
in their own complacency

Find your strength
Gather the will
And dig yourself out

One day you'll see it was worth it

With our words and actions
We will overcome
We will be the ones
To change the world
Track Name: Infected
This sickness has over come my being
Becoming my every day
Breaking me down
It tears me from the inside out
I'm burning my stomach is churning

In knots and in tangles
I'm burning from the inside out

This body is mine
This sickness won't take me
The disease won't last
I've gotten my grasp
My will is stronger than the
Infection inside me

Overcome or succumb
To the mentality of defeat
This disease
Will not take me

This sickness has over come my being
Becoming my every day
Breaking me down
It tears me from the inside out
I'm burning my stomach is churning

When I began this years ago
I never though I would make it this far
But through my strength
And your love I will continue to live on

in the hearts of the ones I love
With them at my side
I'm taking my life back
This disease
Will not take me

Even if it leaves me crippled
I'm not ready to say good bye
To my family , my life, and my plight
Track Name: Toxic Medication
Where have you been all of your life
where have you been for weeks
on in
The months have passed by and I haven't seen my friend

We have been so worried
So dazed and confused
And you have been dazed and full of bose
But that no way to live
You've got to see
The life you had is falling apart
At your hand

We haven't seen you in so long
You've become a stranger in your own home
Raising your voice with your fist

Wailing and gnashing
Suffering from the withdrawal
Of that last hit
You feel it in your veins

Now it's time for you to change
Time for you to see
What you've become
I won't let you live like this anymore

I'm right here by your side
And I won't leave
I will not see your life end
I won't watch everything crash down
For the abuse of the substances

You're my brother
You're my friend
And you have the world in front of you
Lying in your hands
It's all up to you

Don't throw this away
The life you've been given
Is so beautiful
Track Name: Lost Love
I'm laying here and I'm waging war with myself
My heart and my mind at it once again
There's no peace here
No solace to be felt
I try to find comfort but all I hear is your voice
All I feel is your touch
All I want is to move on

I've relied on the the ones
Who don't know me
Like I know myself
I gave everything to one
With out them earning a single thing
But yet I handed it all
To them so easily
Why do I tourture myself
With this game for fools

All I want is my mind to be free
And my heart to take control
So I don't make this mistake again

I just want break free from all of this pain
I must not let myself live in this hate
That my life would be more
Than what it's become after I met you
And it all fell apart , I must be stronger on the other side

I will not let you dictate my heart
I will not let you live inside my mind

I'm lost in myself. I never realized what the problem was.
Words cut so deep, but its the actions that kill me
Making me numb, to everything and everyone

Where I've been is a dangerous place
Where I'm going is even worse
I need this to end

Ringing in my head, tearing nerve and tissue.
The echoes haunt me more than any ghost
The sharpest words hurt worse than knives.
Anyone can say something, but so few mean it.

All I've ever wanted was to believe
Maybe I was only fooling myself
Maybe what will make me better is to see you six feet below

All that i needed you to be.
I believed everything that you said.
You couldn't prove a thing, it was all just a game
Such a shame to let something so beautiful float away into the unknown.

Let it slip by into nothing.
I would've torn apart and built up again.
I would've given up my dreams for you.
Track Name: Judgement
Judge me as I judged you

Judge me as I judged you

I live my life, for myself
Choke on your words of hate

You walk around with the facade of perfection
When you can't stand who you see in the mirror
You hide behind your own flaws
And spew hate mongering
How can you be so numb

I will not sit by
As the words of hate pour
From your mouth
I won't let your words rule my mind

Are you so blinded by your front
That you can't see past
Skin deep

I must be the one to help others see
The good inside
And what they can be

My hearts must be stronger than my mind
And I must be steadfast
To believe that I am better
Than what others make me to be
Looking inside to see who I am and what I can become
I am not the words
Of another
But only the value I hold myself to

I must stand against this to be something positive in this world
Fighting to shatter negativity
Ending it's rule in my life

I will not give into your judgment
Of my life
I am the only ones that dictates
And will not be ruled by your words of igrnorance and malice toward yourself

I can now stand up
And say that I am the one that matter the most
And I will stay steadfast
Track Name: Reflections
someone so close to me, and all I feel is pain, I sit and watch as they're life begins to fade, why is this happening

Numbing myself, Stuck inside a shell, needles under , skin Things i hear, they make no sense

, love is the root of life, all I see is hate in your eyes